Mandarin is a tonal language. Certain words that are pronounced the same are written with different characters; one character can mean different things. Mandarin is a complicated language.

Last year, due to the pandemic, it was a challenging year. In Mandarin, 扭转乾坤 , (niǔ zhuǎn qián kūn) means at a tough time, something happens that turns things around. 扭转 means twist and turn; 乾坤 means yang (阳) and yin (阴); or sky (天) and earth (地); or sun (日) and moon (月).

This coming year is the year of the Ox (牛). Ox is pronounced the same as 扭 (niǔ ). This song is written to oust the bad fortune. Hopefully, good things will come.


Lyrics, 歌词, composed and arranged by Chet-Yeng Loong. 龙籍莹
哞哞哞,牛扭扭, (Moo moo moo, ox twists and turns.)
扭到门前把花戴。(Twist to my house with a flower on the head.)
牛能赶,牛能干,(Ox will oust (the virus), the ox is strong.)
扭转天地乾坤来。(Turn the world and good things will come.)

Learn the song phrase by phrase

Sing and dance with motions

Since May, I taught these three Malaysian kids music via Zoom; until this day, I haven't met the boy, Ming Zhen, but we all are good buddies. 

In this video, three kids, Sin Yii and Shiou Tang learned the Chinese Ox Year song through Zoom lessons. The parents videotaped them by putting their new clothes on. Malaysian COVID-19 situation turned from bad to worse. They were not able to get instruments. So, they used pots and pans to perform the song. Good job, stay safe, kiddos!