How are you? : Apa khabar
I am fine: Khabar baik
Good Morning: Selamat pagi
Good Afternoon: Selamat petang
Good Evening: Selamat malam
Thank You: Terima kasih
You are welcome: Sama-sama
Goodbye: Selamat Tinggal
Till we meet again: Jumpa lagi


1: Satu

2: Dua

3: Tiga

4: Empat

5: Lima

6: Enam

7: Tujuh

8: Lapan

9: Sembilan

10: Sepuluh

Malaysia folk instruments


Angklung, an idiophone, is a set of chimes made from bamboo, a plant that is readily available in the jungles of SEA. The playing of angklung is similar to that in a handbell choir with each person playing only one note. The sound is made shaking the instrument side to side. The left hand holds the middle part of the angklung between the middle and index fingers in front of the chest; the right hand holds the lowest part if the angklung with the thumb and the pointer finger and shakes the instrument to make the sound.


The kompang is a small instrument held with the left hand and struck with the right. The number of players in a kompang ensemble can be from fifteen to one hindered. The players are divided into three groups “Melalu, Menyilang, and Meningkah.” Two types of sounds are made on the drum, bong and pak. The bong is made by tapping the bottom of the drum with closed fingers, the pak is made by tapping the venter of the drum with open fingers