Mauri (greeting),

Kiribati is a country made up of 33 islands with a unique, slightly different culture and dialect. The children are all sent to the main island Tarawa for school. This is where Aresi comes from. The islands are scattered across the Pacific Ocean near the equator. Some are located in the Melanesian area, and others in Polynesia. They call ourselves Micronesians.

Pronunciations - will add videos later

A, E, I, O, U - same as Hawaiian language.

  • io - yo
  • nii - long vowel "ee" sound
  • tia - sa
  • mwa - "a" - mama
  • ma - the "a" in "apple"
  • ti - s
  • bwa e - slur the two words into one
  • te - the
  • r - roll "r"
  • aon - on
  • n, te - articles

People from Kiribati tend to "slur" the words together.